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The story of White Wonder

We have been inspired by the success of the Indians with natural methods when it comes to healing processes of the skin.


Medics discovered hundreds of years ago that they could heal burns, skin abrasions, cuts, insect bites, and countless other nuisances.

simply using carefully selected parts from bees and plants, the tasseled parts carefully, heated them and mixed them with vegetable oil.

This mixture applied the damage, the result was lightning fast healing and beautiful and soft skin.


We have built White Wonder exactly according to the same principle, we added a really strong beeswax made exclusively from young bees,

this means that our mixture becomes antibacterial and at the same time self-preserving, the effect will therefore always be present,

no matter how long and how you store it. In addition, we have added natural vaseline from flower oils

and organic grape seed oil, this also softens and protects the skin from almost all types of liquid.

White Wonder is thus completely natural, the cream is not added preservative, perfume or parabens.


White Wonder contains: Natural Vaseline, grape seed oil and 100% pure beeswax from young bees.


Natural Vaseline reduces moisture loss and is also known to be really good for healing the skin, it is one of the most effective

and moisturizing ingredients we know it has been used for skin care since it was discovered in the United States in 1870,

it has been illuminated and recognized in countless studies ever since.


We hope you have a unique experience with White Wonder, which is a 90 day full satisfaction guarantee or money back guarantee.


Some skin problems take longer to cure, so we are happy to give the long return policy :)